CVS Caremark Company`s Finantial results

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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: CVS Caremark Company’s Financial Results: CVS Caremark Company seems to have a strong financial position based on its public financial results. In the financial year 2011, the company performed better than the preceding years with increase in the revenues, profits and margins.


Similar increases and trends were seen in the net income of the company where a decrees was seen in year 2010 as compared to year 2009 followed by an increase in year 2011 where the reported net income was $3,461 million. The company’s debt to equity ratio in 2011 can be calculated as 24% which is reasonable when compared to industry average of 25% which means company have balanced structure of finance and is doing well. The current ratio of the company for year 2011 is 1.5 as compared to industry ratio of 1.6. The company is doing well when it comes to its liquidity position and seems to have enough cash resources cash dividends were also increased from 35 cents/share in 2010 to 50 cents/share in 2011. Further all the positivity in the financial results were reflected in an increase in the stock price of the company too which increased from $34.77 to $40.78 in year 2011 with an increase of 17.3%. The EPS of the company has also improved from $ 2.49 in 2010 to $ 2.59 in 2011 with an increase of 4%. Overall the company has a strong financial position with growth and stability in the company. (CVS Caremark. Annual Report 2011) Coinstar Inc. Financial Results: Coinstar Inc. ...
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