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Financial planning and wealth management Introduction The global economy has passed through a long period of recession, following the worst financial breakdown that occurred during 2007-2008. The developed as well as the developing countries of the world have been significantly affected due to the outcomes of the crisis.


The World Wealth Report 2013 has been prepared by Capgemini and Royal Bank of Canada jointly. This report shows that 2012 was started with a sluggish beginning with low levels of GDP of most of the economies around the world. However, with efforts from the national governments, economic activities in the world have increased considerably (The wealth report, 2012). Eventually, HNWIs (individuals possessing US$1 million or more investable assets) have ultimately benefitted, as the international market has strongly turned around towards the end of 2012. The report presents the analysis of data collected through survey of more than 4,400 HNWIs belonging to twenty one countries. This makes the study one of the most data rich and highly relevant studies for present economic times. Background The report sheds light on three distinct peripheries; levels of confidence held by HNWIs in the international market, their long term investment objectives, their investment pattern and plans and most importantly, the types of relationships maintained by them with advisors and wealth management firms. The investment pattern of these individuals determines the flow of investment around the world and affects the services offered by the advisors. ...
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