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Personal Statement I have always been interested in changes in the business world, and have been struggling to attain a better understanding of today’s competitive financial market. The ever-changing trends in the business market have always inspired me to gain more and more knowledge about business, organizations, financial resources, shareholders, accounting, and so on.


I have learned in the Shandong University in China for two years. Then, I joined Bangor University in Wales of UK to finish 2nd and 3rd year course in B.Sc. accounting and finance. I have completed “2+2” projects. I am, now, a 3rd year student. Throughout the period of undergraduate study, I preferred to learn about management accounting to understand the importance of cost and budget allocation. I also learned statistical methods, finance, and financial accounting during the undergraduate. I have a good analytic skills regarding data and sorting abilities. I have also served as a peer guide in Bangor University, helping students understand university and life, and helping them understand their course. This enhanced my communicative competence. At Shandong University, I served as Minister of the Organization Department of the Association of Love, where I organized activities to communicate with deaf children. This not only taught me how I could help others, but also increased my individual interpersonal skills. I learned activity planning, site selection, allocation of funds, and much more. This learning will improve my personality in many aspects. The inspiration came from my parents. They, especially my mother who is an accountant, have raised their kids with strong perseverance and good management. ...
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