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Contents Question 1 3 Network Management 4 Marketing 6 Sales 8 Service Delivery 9 Country Manager 11 Finance Director 12 Question 2 15 Appendices 18 Appendix 1a: Given Data - SMALLAIR Winter 2011 / 12 18 Appendix 1b: Given Data - Aircraft info. Winter 2011 / 12 18 Appendix 2 – Turnover (Winter 2011/12) 19 Appendix 3: Costs (Winter 2011/12) 20 Assumptions on cost and profitability 21 Appendix 4 21 Profitability per route (winter 2011 / 12) (before proposed changes) 21 Potential Turnover per route at full capacity 22 NETWORK MANAGERS PROPOSAL 23 MARKETING MANAGERS PROPOSAL 28 SALES MANAGERS PROPOSAL 32 SERVICE DELIVERY MANAGERS PROPOSAL 34 COUNTRY MANAGERS PROPOSAL 37 Part B - Management Acco


Taking into account the advice given out by the proposals of the Function Managers there is a need for a partial overhaul of the companies working practice and corresponding adjustments need to be made to its business model with an overall aim of ensuring as smooth a transition as possible in the aftermath of the acquisition of the company by MAJORAIR. What should also be considered by the board is the long-term strategy of what market should be the focus in terms of both location (established versus expanding) and passenger type (low cost versus high end and discerning), as well as the risks posed by each of these approaches. In regards to the accounts for the season Winter 2011/12 Overall profitability for the season stands at ?148,201,205 It will be important to benchmark the overall profitability of the proposals against this figure to establish which offer would be the most attractive to the company. ...
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