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Name Course Course Instructor Date Merits and Disadvantages of Banking Consolidation Banking consolidation is the merging up of banks or buying out of small banks by bigger banks in an effort to create larger entities. Strategically, the banking industry, through consolidating, responds to the forces of competition in the industry contributed by increased levels of deregulation, globalization and financial innovation.


Although a preferred means of solving the inherent challenges in the current banking industry, the reality is that it has its own disadvantages, as discussed in this essay. According to economists, there are a number of benefits of banks consolidation. One of these advantages is increased efficiency in the banking sector. Consolidation eliminates geographical restrictions in the banking industry, exposing it to high levels of competition, driving out all inefficient banks from the industry. This is not the only way of ensuring efficiency in the banking sector; moving to larger banking organizations too increases their levels of efficiency due to economies of scale and scope of work. Since consolidation increased the diversification of the loan portfolios by banks, thus lowering the probability of a future banking crisis. Mergers and acquisitions in the banking industry are economical, providing banks with an opportunity to minimize their expenditures. In the event of a merger, there is closure of overlapping branches, laying off any unnecessary staff, and sale of unwanted capital goods, thus minimizing some of the operational expenditures while at the same time creating some of income for the bank. ...
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