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Portfolio Management Name Module Date Portfolio Management Westpac Bank; one of the oldest banks of the world; no doubt is a tempting company to invest. The history of bank lures many investors to blindly put their money in the stocks of this prestigious bank.


Figure value depicts the trend of share price of the said bank. Westpac Bank share prices from 2008 to 2013 The figure clearly reveals some certain trends in the share process of this bank. From the figure it can be derived that there has been continuous ups and downs in the share value of this bank; which is quite normal and does not bother investors much. In the seventh month of 2008; the share price was below $20 i.e. $ 18.68; but during the year share value reached to the maximum of $ 25.05 but at the year end the price was somewhere around $ 16.63. The average price of share in this year was $ 20.6505. Moving further the year 2008-09 showed again a mixed trend where the highest value of share was around $ 27.23. However share price figure at the end of year is $ 28.95; showing a decreasing trend followed by an increasing trend. Year by Year Analysis Year by Year Share price of Westpac Bank A simple picture above shows the year by year trend in the share price of Westpac Bank. And it can be easily derived from the chart that in the year one the price was slightly above than $20 but in the year 2013 the price ended at around $30. There is a significant increase in the price of around $ 10; but again a thorough analysis is required to evaluate the price increase in the shares. However it is an increasing trend and very encouraging for any investor. ...
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