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Essay example - UWS property taxation and finance

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Finance & Accounting
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The paper provides a full funding analysis and interpretation for Mirvac Property Trust financial Structure. It further discusses the development funding, Average Weighted Cost of Capital, Internal Rate of Return, and management burden for the Mirvac Property Trust…

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UWS property taxation and finance

The Mirvac Property Trust has two development funding; Meadow Springs and Seascapes. The Meadow Springs Estate is a residential estate located around and within a championship golf course in Mandurah (Compton, 2000). The estate is located approximately seventy five kilometers south of the Perth Central Business District. Meadow Springs is serviced by the Mandurah railway and Perth, allowing an easy commute for the Perth workers. The area has various shops, stores, and supermarkets located within the area. Mandurah area features various recreational facilities like restaurants, cinema complex, walkways, and parks. Meadow Springs is therefore a residential development site valued at $15.8M. The Mirvac Development Fund for Seascapes is closed end, unlisted, single project fund. The investment strategy for the fund is maximizing the value of investors by offering returns the development and investment of subdivision project and quality land (Harriss, 2008). Seascapes are a residential community located in Mandurah located seventy five kilometers Perth South. The project is comprised of the development of forty eight hectare land with subunits approval for five hundred and fifty five residential Lots in addition to a Grouped Housing Site. Seascapes are extended to view the foreshore of the Indian Ocean and are celebrated by tourists and residents alike for its relaxed atmosphere, waterways, and beaches. The property type for Seascapes is a residential development site valued at $23.6M ...
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