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Finance & Accounting
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I have always thought of the popular saying that “money runs the world”, and my take has been that if indeed this is true, then accountants and other financial experts run the world since they are the ones who handle money on behalf of people and organizations.


This is considering that if I establish myself as a financial expert, business organizations will rely on me to create financial records of their transactions, financial flows, their process for wealth creation and indicate their financial position at a particular time, makes me appreciate the importance of a career in this field. This appreciation influenced me to select a career in this field as I will get to interact with other likeminded individuals and learn more on how to run the world through my practice in the financial sector. In addition to the importance of finance and accounting, the clear logic and advanced mathematics have been areas that fascinate me throughout my academic life. I enjoy not only the advanced mathematics and clear logic practiced in the economic analyses, but also the links that the field shares with social practices and interactions engaged in financial industry in the modern world. The course that cemented my interest in this field of study is International Economics and Trade, which raised in me a particular interest in macroeconomics. My desire to continue with my studies at a MBA level was further stimulated by the lectures on Financial Hot Issues. I hope to keep on building my knowledge in these areas through the courses you offer in your esteemed university. ...
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