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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Lease Review Lease agreements are a complex issue to deal with, particularly as a tenant. This is because the agreements contain numerous clauses that work in tandem, which when taken alone could prove very complex to understand and follow.


These clauses will be discussed and possible remedies for change given. One problem that may arise from the lease agreement has to do with the no pets allowed clause. This is because I own a pet that I have owned for a long time and which is a family favourite as it helps an autistic cousin who lives with us. Two types of laws, which would provide a tenant with the right to keep their pets where there is a provision against pets like this exist. One of them is local or municipal law, which holds that provisions against keeping pets are waived if the tenant keeps a pet and the landlord does not enforce the said no pet’s provision in the first 3 months in which the tenant is openly and notoriously keeping the pet in their house (Garner & Frith 38). In addition, local laws and federal laws will also allow a tenant to keep pets even where the landlord has expressly insisted on no pets allowed. Those laws prohibit discrimination against disabled people, mandating the landlord to grant tenants reasonable accommodation that is required for disabled persons to enjoy and use their new home (Garner & Frith 38). These laws should be used to correct the lease agreement to allow me to keep pets where there is opposition even from fellow neighbours who obey their lease agreement. ...
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