Essay sample - Evaluate how personal finance has impacted on the UK housing market within the last 10 years. Explore various Government polici

Evaluate how personal finance has impacted on the UK housing market within the last 10 years.  Explore various Government polici Essay example
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Impact of Personal Finance on UK Housing Market Introduction The United Kingdom (UK) housing market is highly fragmented and involves heavy investment in form of individual household and properties for rental purposes. The housing market is very crucial for the UK economy and consists of high, medium and low income residential, shopping and industrial complex…


The individual household and rental properties form the backbone of several institutional and investment funds and have majorly contributed to the UK economy. Presently, due to high price valuations in London property market, the real estate market has shifted to the outskirts of the country and is unable to pool in large amount of capital for investment purposes (Blackmore, 2003). The study will highlight the different facets of the UK housing market and the effects of the economic slowdown on the subcategories like residential, housing complex and other rental property. The fragmented housing market will provide opportunities to investors for not only heavy investment in the market but also to pool in additional expenditure for further business expansion purposes. The future prospects of fragmented housing market along with an insight into the structural change would be discussed in the study. UK Housing Structural Pattern, Government Policy & Impact of Personal Finance during 1999 to 2003 In UK, the procurement of the housing facility is largely facilitated by the financial risk and the structural pattern of the housing market. Apart from the traditional banks, UK housing market is financed largely by the large amount of investors from other countries (Fowler, 2013). ...
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