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Managerial Accounting Table of Contents Case 1: GEK Technologies: Competitive strategy and SWOT analysis 3 Case 2: Fishermen’s Co-op 5 Case 3: Anderson Customized Security 9 Case 4: Parko Department Store: Balance Score Card 10 Reference List 13 Case 1: GEK Technologies: Competitive strategy and SWOT analysis A.


Initially, they started off with producing high quality record players which attracted customers belonging to a certain age group but gradually they shifted into producing technologically advanced products such as CD players, MP3 players and USB turntable. This helped the company to reach a wider customer base, rather only a younger one. This indicates that their primary strategy was to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction. In addition to that, GEK’s leaders followed a team or sound style of leadership strategy which was concerned with both the production and employees (Zeidan 2009, 82-85). This was evident from the fact that highly skilled and experienced employees were paid sufficiently well. B. Strength: The development of the USB turntable has proven to be a huge strength for GEK technologies. With the rising demand for new style of products which demonstrated portability, USB turntable was a perfect introduction. This is evident from the sharper than expected increase in sales for the USB Turntable over the last few years. Another strength associated with GEK technologies comes from the product Record player as the manufacturing of this product requires high level of craftsmanship. ...
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