the necessary analysis to decide whether to invest in Target

the necessary analysis to decide whether to invest in Target Case Study example
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Contents Introduction 2 Financial Highlight 3 Evaluation of American Retail Market 3 Corporate Strategy 4 Competitive Analysis 5 Competitive Advantage 5 SWOT Analysis 6 Financial Analysis 8 Profitability Ratios 8 Liquidity and efficiency ratios 10 Structure Ratios 11 Conclusion 12 References 13 Introduction Target plc is one of the largest companies based in America providing food ingredients and retail and grocery solution worldwide.


Target Plc is not a new name in the retail, food and ingredients industry and is considered analogous to quality and premium branding. The company is a diversified conglomerate having five major strategic segments which are sugar, agriculture, retail, grocery and ingredients. As per the latest financial statements of the company for the annual year 2012, the company is operating in almost all of the major cities of the United States. The vision and mission statement of the company is to achieve strong leadership in the course of business which is sustainable and long lasting. The company always strives to provide quality products to the individuals and other consumers and to become a necessary brand in the people’s day to day active life. Financial Highlight [Annual report Target, 2012 , Pg2] As apparent form the above financial highlight, the company presents a strong financial outlook and appears to be a lucrative company for the investors to invest in. The company has various revenue centers through which the company generates most of its revenues. ...
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