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FIN Unit 4 individual project Abstract This paper deals with the understanding of certain major attributes of doing business in China by an MNE, from a generalized perspective. The growth rate, market trend, the labor cost and the etiquettes along with other influencing factors to be considered when doing business in China have been studied in this paper in order to develop suggestive mechanisms for the Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) to operate a sustainable business in the host country.


FIN Unit 4 Individual Project China possesses considerable differences from other nations in terms of its social, business environmental and institutional frameworks. Similar to operating in any other diverse national paradigm, MNEs intending to operate in China need to consider its cultural, social and other forms of distances from their respective home country, in order to minimize potential threats witnessed in international business conducts. The discussion of this study hereunder, will emphasize this particular issue and intend to develop an insightful understanding on the strategies as well as managerial concerns needed to be taken into account by MNEs when operating in China. Discussion Constraints often witnessed by MNEs when doing business in China include import and export restrictions imposed in lieu of the institutional distances persisting between China and other nations. It is worth mentioning in this context that China lifted import licensing over few goods in correspondence to the WTO amendment to remove restrictions on international trade of textiles since 2004. ...
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