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BALANCE SCORE CARD FOR SASA INTRODUCTION With every passing day the competitive landscape of every industry in increasing its intensity. This requires organizations to equip themselves strategically to sustain and enhance their position in the market. Additionally, organizations are required to be effective on multiple fronts to generate the desired position as set in the vision; hence, companies are now concerned and directed to implement systematic plans for the purpose.


This direction is centrally provided in four dimensions which include financial, customer, internal process and learning and growth perspectives. SASA is an International Holdings Limited retailing group providing cosmetics. It is incorporated in Hong Kong, now enjoys the position of leading cosmetic provider from Asia. The success of SASA like any other business is the reflection of the effective strategic management. For continuing the practice of effective strategic management, the underlying report develops the Balance Score Card for the SASA Company for the further organized and effective strategic management. Hence, the accounting manager of SASA presents BSC plan to the strategic management of the company. COMPANY REVIEW Established in 1978 in Hong Kong, SASA now owns over 600 brands with 17,000 products to fulfill the customer’s cosmetics needs. SASA now successfully serves customers on more than 270 counters including stores and other options. In additional, service to customers is also provided on online platform. Euromonitor 2013 rated SASA the largest cosmetic chain among the top 500 retailers of Asia and among the top ten Hong Kong’s retailer groups (SASA, 2013a). ...
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