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International Business Management - Assignment Example

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  International Business Management Contents Summary 3 Introduction 3 Literature Review 4 Empirical Evidence and Data Analysis 6 Interpretation and Discussion 8 Conclusion 9 Recommendation 10 References 11 Bibliography 13 Summary The competitive advantage is attained by the organizations in the market as a result of the strategies undertaken that are not yet employed by their competitors in the market…

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International Business Management

The implications of these strategies are recommended to future managers for implementation in the organizational policies for getting competitive advantage in the market. Introduction This assignment is about the position of competitive advantage attained by Procter and Gamble and the study of the various approaches and strategies that have been adopted by the organization to rise to a competitive leadership position in the market. The topic is worth to be studied as it would enable us to validate the theories of the competitive advantage with the real example of Procter and Gamble. The implication of these strategies which are namely innovative strategies, cost leadership strategies, differentiation strategy and operation efficiency could be linked to the recent developments in the business of Procter and Gamble. Due to the innovative strategies, Procter and Gamble has been able to restructure its business process and operations and they have been able to track the demand and needful to be done to meet the customer needs (Barner, 1991, p.102). Along with that operational efficiency has been attained supported by the cost effective production. ...
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