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Management Accounting Table of Contents Introduction 3 Discussion 4 Conclusion 10 References 11 Bibliography 14 Appendix 15 Business Model of Arts Sector in England 15 Introduction The present business environment is incessantly changing with the advent of globalisation and increased level of business market competition.


It comprises the techniques through which financial along with non-financial aspects are provided to the management of an organisation, assisting in making better investment decisions and allocation of greater financial resources (Coombs & et. al., 2005; Broadbent & Laughlin, 1998). The current arts sector in England can be apparently observed as quite ineffective in executing its business operations due to various factors that include minimum investments and implementation of outdated technologies. It can be stated in this regard that the business models relating to the arts sector in England should be changed with the intention of increasing the value of arts in every parts of the nation. Correspondingly, the arts sector is required to make effective decisions in relation towards making substantial investments and adopting advanced technologies for sustainable development in this present changing business environment (Fleming & Erskine, 2011). With this concern, this paper intends to critically evaluate in favour and argument against the statement ‘Sound business models are a necessary component in a healthy visual arts ecology and essential for most publicly funded organisations’ within the current arts sector in England. ...
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