Investment Portfolio for the Susan Griffin

Investment Portfolio for the Susan Griffin Case Study example
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The first crucial step is to determine the target size of the Griffin’s portfolio. Griffin’s goals are divided into three including the taxable deductible items, nondiscretionary spending, and discretionary expenses.


Investment Portfolio for the Susan Griffin

It should be noted that Griffin was worried about active involvement into the business, these investment types will keep her active by monitoring the movement of these three stock markets and with the advice from her brokers, she will know when to sell and buy the same with return maxim. Through these investments, Griffin will maintain her monthly expenditure and still lead a comfortable life.

Nearly 31 years before the year 2002, the company had been successful in its operations with its annual returns ranging between 10 to $11 million. Regardless of these successes, the 62 years old, Susan Griffin wants to free herself from the responsibilities associated with operating the business while maintaining her standard of life or living comfortably. One means or mode through which she wants to relief herself from such responsibilities is selling all the assets associated with the company.

In other words, one of her advisors prompted to her that turning the company into liquid asset will give a net worth of $10 million.It is amount that Griffin should invest perfectly to meet her demands to what she calls a comfortable life. Nonetheless, the essay will use the provided information concerning Susan Griffin’s assets and needs to follow a five steps investment process in developing business portfolio for investment plans.
The rest of the investment should investments in the U.S. Treasury bonds. This company is not associated with credit risks and has it is very liquid; hence, they are easy to buy and sell. ...
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