As chief accountant of Curtis you are required to write a report to the Chairman. - Essay Example

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As chief accountant of Curtis you are required to write a report to the Chairman.

A Comparison of financial year 2012 with the financial year of 2011 presents that fact that the volume of sales in the retail industry in UK increased by 2.7 percent. Changes in reported retail sales between August 2011 and August 2012 standard reporting periods (by size of business)     Pre-dominantly food Non-specialized pre-dominantly non-food Textile, clothing and footwear House-hold goods Other non-food Non-store retailing Pre-dominantly automotive fuel Total All Retailing including automotive fuel                     increase 107 32 138 72 375 64 23 811 All decrease 97 33 104 77 306 46 50 713   total 204 65 242 149 681 110 73 1524                     Large increase 66 32 110 42 158 30 n.a. 438 decrease 56 33 73 47 107 19 n.a. 335   total 122 65 183 89 265 49 n.a. 773 Small increase 41 n.a. 28 30 217 34 23 373 and decrease 41 n.a. 31 30 199 27 50 378 medium total 82 n.a. 59 60 416 61 73 751 [ (1999) Retail Sales: August, 2012] With respect to the food merchandise business, there were certain hardships that were faced by the retailer. During the year 2012, costs of both food items and fuel increased, particularly of fuel which resulted in an escalation in the manufacturing cost of the merchandise. ...
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(a) In order to analyze the market potential of Curtis Plc operating a gift business in UK, it is of prime importance that the retail market of UK is evaluated. The growth in the UK retail market for the financial year 2012 saw an escalation as compared to the previous financial years…
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