Is there any relation between change of auditors and the client's stock price?

Is there any relation between change of auditors and the client
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Title: Relation Between Change of Auditors and Client’s Stock Price Name University Name Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Abstract 2 1.Introduction: 3 1.1.Aim of the Study: 6 1.2.Objectives of the Study: 6 2.Role and Importance of Auditors 7 2.1.Agency Theory and Its Impact 17 3.Research Methodology: 17 3.1.Research Philosophy: 18 3.2.Research Approach and Technique: 18 3.3.Sources and Collection of Data: 19 3.4.Ethics: 20 3.5.Credibility and Verification: 21 4.Change Auditors 21 4.1.Tenure 23 4.2.Relationship 23 5.Regulation and Rules about Auditors’ Change 24 5.1.Brief Rotation of Firms 25 6.Impact of Performance 28 6.1.Reason-Relationship 29 7.Conclusion 35 References 38 Abstract


As the performances and financial transactions of a company have direct effect on the stock prices, hence choice of auditors is considered as an essential factor for every business. Depending on the individual needs and the performances of both the business and the audit team, change in auditors is also performed by several businesses, which in turn has either a positive or negative effect on the stock prices. This particular research has been focused on understanding the relation that change in auditors has with stock prices of a company. And, it could be obtained from this particular study that agency theory can be well associated with the employment of auditor agencies and that the change in auditors has a direct relation with the prices of stocks. 1. ...
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