Managerial Accounting and the Role of Experiments

Managerial Accounting and the Role of Experiments Essay example
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The purpose of managerial accounting is aimed at enhancing the firm values through effective utility of scarce resourcesThis enables employees to achieve different business goals and objectives


This enables employees to achieve different business goals and objectives. Managerial accountings systems are supposed to provide information that enable individuals to align their interests by directing employee effort and attention to activities that help an organization. It is necessary to study effectively of how the roles of managerial accounting information affecting the behavior of individuals who form the organizations. Organizations make judgments and decisions that focus on the amount of information given to employees. In spite of perfectly rationalized assumptions that govern models of economic behaviors, it has been noted that the judgments and decision of producers and users are not effective. Research in managerial accounting is essential to help evaluate the quality of the judgment within any organization. This research provides useful insights in the benefit ad cost of managerial accounting practices that support decision making within the organization. An organizations managerial accounting system is a factor utilized to motivate employees. Research managerial accounting helps to determine the extent which the practices motivate individuals in organizations and helps them mitigate their differences in interest. ...
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