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Principles of Accounting 1 INTRODUCTION The commonly followed accounting principles and statements with detailed guidelines are stated in the ‘Generally Accepted Accounting Principles’ (GAAP) developed by ‘Financial Accounting Standards Board’ (FASB).


Recently, the standards and principles of GAAP have been transited to IFRS with the aim of having a single set of accounting principles with universal applicability. It provides the rules along with regulations in compliance with which, financial statements and reports should be prepared. The accounting standards and principles that are included in the IFRS are universally identified, which implies that every entity, on a global context, must evaluate and represent their accounting information in accordance with the determined rules and regulations of IFRS (Needles, Powers and Crosson 24-25). The essay thus intends to discuss the advantages that can be acquired from a single set of accounting principle. Moreover, the discussion henceforth reveals the disadvantages attached with multiple accounting principles on a global context. The discussion also emphasizes on detailing the accounting standards adopted by IFRS for universal applicability, further detailing the accounting principles that business units operating in United Arab Emirates (UAE) adopts. ADVANTAGES OF IFRS 3 The accounting principles and standards adopted and implemented under the GAAP form the common set of standards and principles developed for recording financial transactions and information in an appropriate manner by publicly listed companies worldwide. ...
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