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Title: Ratio Analysis Name: Institution: Professor: Course: Date: Ratio Analysis EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of preparing this report is to provide a financial appraisal of Tasso plc. By that, the shareholders and the stakeholders can know the financial position of the company.


The key conclusions shown in this report are that, Tasso plc is very strong financially and that it is growing steadily in the market position this has been possible because of the huge fixed asset in property. Another reason is due to their dismissive approach towards law and regulations. This approach has resulted in an exceptionally good financial performance and efficiencies. Based on the available financial data of Tasso plc all the financial indicators are excellent with the exception of the liquidity. INTRODUCTION The most important thing in management is to find, evolve and assess involvement into possibilities that may be out there to develop and improve the company’s financial position. In so doing, the management can be able to assess various investment opportunities considering the risk that may be involved and assess the liquidity of the company. It is possible to determine the financial health of a company; this can be done by calculating the company’s financial ratios. Financial ratios are best used as a diagnostic tool to find resources of a financial trouble company. Financial ratios provide a fast and somehow straightforward approach to investigate the financial viability of a company. ...
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