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CRITICAL EVALUATION OF THE TYPE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT ON VISUAL ARTS Visual arts have been playing an important role in the societal development. The contextual role that visual arts play in the development of the social perspective is not confined to the development of the entertainment arts in the society only, but at the same time the domain of the visual arts is expected to play the role of educational and intellectual development of the society (Peaker & Vincent, 1990; Landry et al, 1996).


However, contrary to this, the visual arts platform of the society constantly remains under the financial pressures and vulnerability even in the sound economic conditions of the country. The proponents of the visual arts, on this vulnerable situation of the visual arts platform have been raising constant voices over the matter. One the of such voices claim that visual arts organisations in order to successfully meet the societal requirement and expectation of educational and entertainment development shall maintains the system that provides it sound financial strength. However, despite the consensus on the need of the sound financial muscles for the visual arts organisations, there have been contrary views on the system to be employed for achieving them. One dominant view on the matter is pertaining to Royce (2011) view who insists that visual arts organisations shall develop a system similar to the business organisations. ...
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