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PERSONAL STATEMENT My interest in the field of accounting and finance is not newly developed; rather it is as old as me. Ever since my childhood, I have been hearing my parents discussing their official issues regarding accounts and finances as both of them were accountants.


According to my observation, accountants are an important part of any industrial structure and have an important role in economic globalization. Coming from an educational background that revolves around accounting and finance, makes me well suited for applying to M.Sc in this field. I have studied at the Beijing Institute of Technology for two years and then further two years at Bangor University with a major in Accounting and Finance. Accountants work with financial professionals from four areas; i.e public, management, internal auditing and government accounting. Analysis of financial data and annual reports preparation is another important aspect of their jobs. These attributes make accountants very significant to any organization. I assume that since I have a background in accounting and finance, I have the basic and preliminary knowledge that is required to enter a program that deals with these subjects. My strong interest and a desire to learn further can give me extra benefit when I enter the degree. Not only my educational background supports my aspiration to become an accountant but a 3-month training at a local bank in the summer holidays, gave me an opportunity to have a deeper insight into the responsibilities and attributes of an accountant. I strongly believe that apart from education and training, being patient, being careful with the work and being honest are all required for being a successful accountant. ...
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