Ethics and Corporate Accounting Practices

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Impact of Corporate Governance & Ethics on the Financial Decisions of Managers  Name of the Student: Date: Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 3 CRITICAL EVALUATION 4 Responsibility of Corporate Governance 4 Recent Changes in Corporate Governance 5 Use of Technology in Finance 10 CONCLUSION 13 References 14 INTRODUCTION This study aims at discussing the impact ethics and corporate governance on the financial decisions that the managers take in organizations.


It is the structure with the help of which the objectives of the company are developed and means for attaining those goals and objective and ways of monitoring them are determined. In this scenario the role of ethics is well understood. Ethics is the moral philosophy, which involves systematic study of honest obligations, agreements, values and rules (Bloxham, 2011). Ethically carrying out the business operation in organizations is a general norm that prevails since the ancient ages. However, ethical norms or governance in case of financial reporting is a comparatively new concept, which is further transformed due to the challenging global business scenario. The major article that has been selected for this study is “Corporate governance and sustainability: New and old models of thinking”, by Eleanor Bloxham published in 2010. It discusses the traditional as well as latest significance of corporate governance in organizations. Apart from this, the transformations of the financial models with the changing times have been also stated. However, there are other supporting articles that have been utilized in this study in order to present a 360 degree view of corporate governance and its impacts. ...
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