order topic : Assistant Accountant at Mefic Capital company

order topic : Assistant Accountant at Mefic Capital company Assignment example
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Co-operative Education Topic Approval Form Learning Goal 3.3: Developing your skills as a critical enquirer and problem solver This should be submitted by email and signed off by your Academic Supervisor by Friday 20 December at 9am (your local time) Student Name: Saleem Alanazi Student ID#: 0827451 Academic Supervisor Dr.


This topic should further develop your knowledge acquired in LG2 and your skills as a critical enquirer and problem solver. In your Learning Framework you listed your initial ideas on your area of interest from your discipline perspective. This is an opportunity for you to refine your topic and receive formative feedback from your Academic Supervisor. Your topic can then be developed further in your Progress Reports and completed in your Final Report. Your CPO, role or its industry should provide context or background for your research. You should avoid disclosing any confidential information. You must only draw on secondary research i.e. relevant academic literature for your research and to support your discussion. 1. You must not disclose any confidential information, complete any primary research and will maintain the confidentiality of any persons/organisations referred to in your research. 2. The work must not have previously been submitted by yourself or another person. 3. All researched information has been acknowledged by citing and referencing in APA 6thed. Proposal for Topic: Provide a title for your topic or issue and describe it, providing some detail. Discuss how this relates to your major (discipline), your role, your organisation and/or industry. ...
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