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To Be Employed On Wages Name: Institution: To Be Employed On Wages Introduction There is no actual answer to the question as to which form of employment between wage and self is better. This is because when it comes to weight normal employment against self-employment, there are numerous host issues, which come into consideration (Ruiz-Tagle, 2008).


This paper will also support wage employment over self-employment. Meaning Employees under normal wage get compensated for their works on a regular basis, which can be weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on their agreement with their employers (Miller & Huston, 2005). In some cases, others even get paid on a daily basis. However, the employer dictates both when and how the employee works. “They pay can be an hourly wage or salary, or, at times, it can be settled on another basis like per-call basis if you are a call center representative or sales commissions for salespersons” (Miller & Huston, 2005). However, in the least case, it can be hourly wages when work is performed. In such employments, the boss normally settles half of the worker’s medical bills in form of Medicare and Social Security taxes, as well as payroll taxes (Miller & Huston, 2005). The employee issues to his or her workers a W-2, which outlines compensation, as well as taxes settled for the previous tax year. In essence, in such an employment, everything is done for the worker and his or her duty is just to work and be paid (Miller & Huston, 2005). ...
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