Coca-Cola Company vs. PepsiCo, Inc

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Coca-Cola Company vs. Pepsi Co Inc Name Institute Coca-Cola Company vs. Pepsi Co Inc Pepsi incorporation and the coca-cola company are international beverage producing companies. Over the years, Different people have had different views and opinions about the two companies despite that their products serve a similar purpose.


The two companies have set some pension plans that have had many effects on the companies’ level of investment and risk while also, it affects their levels of sale and production of products. These plans are aimed at benefiting their retired employees while each company uses a quite different approach from the other. The two companies have developed strong public relations across many nations that assist them in linking customers to their company. The International Financial Report Standard (IFRS) has been a significant unit within the management of funds on the pension plan. It helps the companies realize whether the scheme of pension plan brings a loss or a profit for the company. The companies can therefore classify the pension plans as either assets or liabilities according to the IFRS report. It also enables the companies determine whether they have overfunded or underfunded the pension plan. In 2009, the coca-cola company held a third position among the companies that have adopted a cash balance report meant to cater for the pension plan schemes (Diebold, 2010).  The coca-cola executive managers rejected the use of a constitutional approach in funding pension plans. As a result, there were minimized risks to the coca-cola company. Additionally, the company secured more benefits to the employees in comparison to year 2008. ...
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