Financial Markets and Institutions

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Financial Markets and Institutions Table of Contents Financial Markets and Institutions 1 Part 1: Warnings about the financial crisis 3 Part 2: Parties culpable for the “crime” 5 Effect on Germany 6 Part 3: US financial crisis responsible for failure of financial institutions around the world 7 Reference List 9 Part 1: Warnings about the financial crisis The financial crisis of 2008-2009 has affected and deformed the financial system of the United States and Euro zone countries and also many other countries in the world.


A number of investors had seen these signs as warnings for the development of the crisis situation. Based on these signs, some of the investors had predicted that the tremendous growth of the US economy was a temporary phenomenon and the US economy was ultimately going to collapse (Connolly and Wall, 2011). Several researches have been conducted since then, and are being continued still now, regarding the causes and the warnings of the crisis. Several leaders belonging to different countries have predicted the inevitable collapse of the economy of United States. However, some of the leaders made legitimate and confident forewords about the critical elements within the economy’s financial structure and the extent of dire consequences that the economy was going to face in the near future (McDonnell and Burgess, 2013). Several logical analyses were made on the facts and data that were collected from the-then economic and financial condition of the economy. ...
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