Performance Measurement System in Julphar Company

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Performance Measurement System in RAK CERAMIC Name of the Student: Name of the Professor: Course: Performance Measurement System in CERAMIC RAK Abstract This study aims at analysing the performance management framework for RAK Ceramic by analysing the major drivers of performance management through a quantitative as well as qualitative data analysis with the help of statistical tools like SPSS.


RAK Ceramics is a company based in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company was established in 1989 by Abdallah Massaad. The Company has been able to establish itself as the world’s largest ceramic manufacturing companies in a span of 20 years. The factory is however situated in the Arabian dessert. The products that RAK Ceramics has been offering consist of tableware, porcelain tiles, sanitary ware, bath ware, fittings, adhesive and faucets (Attwood “Racking up Miles for Tiles”). The Company operates in several countries of Asia as well as Middle-East such as, Bangladesh, Iran, India, Sudan, China, etc. In this study the performance of this company would be measured and analysed with respect to its customer satisfaction ability, improvement activities, internal process, employee satisfaction, competition handling, and innovation (“Company Profile”). Problem Statement It not necessary that every research study is developed to discuss problems and challenges. Sometimes even they are even designed to evaluate and analyse situation, such as performance of a company. As in this case, the performance management system of the ceramic manufacturing company, RAK Ceramic would be analysed through statistical tools. ...
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