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Business Financing and the Capital Structure - Essay Example


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Business Financing and the Capital Structure

Afterwards the pro-forma financial statements and ratios are estimated management will want to know how realistic those results are, which steps are necessary to attain expected results and what impact changes in projected operations would have on our estimates. At this stage the firm will enter into the financial control phase in which firms will be concerned with implementing steps needed to meet those financial plans as well as adjusting the process to meet your objectives and dealing with feedback in order to ensure that the firm's overall goals are achieved. b) The concept of working capital management involves the process of short-term financial management of current assets and liabilities in order to achieve the companies’ objectives at the lowest costs possible to the company and maximize profitability based on internal financing policy. Some of the short term marketable securities used by firms to invest excess cash on hand which are near-cash equivalents are: U.S. Treasury Bills - Considered nearly risk-free investments instruments issued by the U.S. government with maturity of 91 days to 1 year and a low yield. Commercial Paper- unsecured short-term issued by a private corporation with a maturity date of less than 270 days. Typically issued at a discount based on prevailing market interest rates. Money Market Fund- a type of unsecured mutual fund characterized by low-risk, low-return on investment, but higher than U.S. T-Bills 2) A firm's capital determines the combination of

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Business Financing and the Capital Structure
The process of financial planning for a business corporation includes a method of assessment of the current value of the company, evaluation of the present value of assets of the company, estimated growth of assets of the company and anticipated expenses of the company in future.
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Business Financing and the Capital Structure
The process of financial planning adopted by corporations include a method of evaluating the present value of the company, expected growth of assets anticipated future expenses. Working capital management Working capital management involves maintaining optimum level of current assets and cash by the corporation in order to meet the short term liabilities.
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Capital Structure and Leverage Practices
"The first Family Dollar store was opened in Charlotte, NC, in 1959. It was a relatively small, self-service operation located in a neighborhood convenient to low and middle income consumers. The merchandise assortment featured basic goods for family and home needs" (Family Dollar).
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Optimal Capital Structure
The equity investors become part-owners and partners in the business and tend to exercise some control over how the business is run. The capital structure is signified by the firm's debt-equity ratio and gives an insight as to how risky the firm is. It gives the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC).
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Capital Structure
They also recommended that an ideal capital structure of a firm is with all debt with cheaper debt finance than higher cost & riskier equity but an optimal capital structure exists in which the terms of debt financing & such other real world problems of debt financing (like bankruptcy due to high debt) and tax savings of the debt financing are balancing factors (Modigliani and Miller.
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Marine Finance(Capital Funding Structure)
The most important consideration is what form of capital structure would be most helpful in maximizing the firms value. This paper seeks to address the issue of what constitutes an optimal capital structure, and what
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: Business Financing and the Capital Structure
As opposed to debt financing, equity financing provides the much needed moneys, without the ‘draining’ concern and hassle of either repayments or interest accrued from the loan. There are several advantages to using equity in raising
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Business Financing and the Capital Structure
The debt financing is actually borrowing of capital from different people or different sources with the condition of repayment back of the capital borrowed along
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Capital Structure
Respectively, I conjure that varied capital sources are typically based on different costs and thus, needed appropriate analysis for designing an optimal capital structure for raising required finance appropriately (Grundy, n.d.). In businesses, sources of
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Business Financing and the Capital Structure
Equity capital comes from personal savings, friends, and family members. The business owners have nothing to pay back to investors. There is availability of cash to grow the business since there are no interests from loans. The investors involved offer
3 pages (750 words) Essay
debt and equity used to finance a firm. The type of capital structure of a firm will determine the inherent risk profile of a firm's common stock and therefore will affect the rate of return required by investors and the stock's price. The capital structure policy is a trade-off between risks and returns. By utilizing more debt the firm increases overall financing risks, but leads to a higher rate of return versus using equity financing. Using equity will decrease overall risks, but will lead to a dilution of equity ownership therefore leading to lower return on investment for shareholders. The four main factors influencing a firm's decision to use debt or equity for capital investment are: Business risk- the greater the business risk, the lower amount of debt that might be optimal. Company’s tax position-If the firm has enough profits the firm can use interest expense as a means to reduce tax expense, therefore increasing realized income and consequently lowering the effective cost of debt. The company's income must not be sheltered by other tax deductions such as accelerated depreciating of certain assets or tax loss carryovers, since the tax rate will already be low and increasing debt load might actually increase the firm's effective tax rate. Financial flexibility-the ability of the firm to raise capital on reasonable terms regardless of adverse market conditions. Managerial attitude- How conservative or aggressive or conservative the firm's management is towards borrowing and the firm’s target capital structure. 3) A business might seek a capital investment from foreign investors when other options have been discarded. Money from a foreign investor is as good as cash


1) a) Financial planning is a process that every firm must undertake before starting any new project or expansion project. The process of financial planning starts with formulating pro-forma sales forecast for the next few years (Besley, Brigham, 2000). Based on your sales estimates the company will determine how much and which specific assets the firm will need to meet those sales objectives…
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Business Financing and the Capital Structure essay example
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