Forensic Accounting Case Question (easy)

Forensic Accounting Case Question (easy) Essay example
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Name Course Course Instructor Date Forensic Accounting Case Study a. Samantha is a new employee in the organization, and the fact that she has to audit employees who have been working with the company since it began, it is important for her to exercise care and caution.


Thus, she should ensure that she does not raise any alarm when going through the examination. If anything, the group could decide to make the examination effortless, and impossible, by making sure that they sabotage any efforts she puts in the investigation. Subsequently, she should show readiness to work with them, regardless of her position in the firm. By making the examination, a form of normal routine would help her in eliminating any form of suspicion that could arise from among the rest of the workers involved in handling the cash. She should hold her suspicions about the under dealings taking place among the individuals and instead focus on the main reason for conducting the examination. There is a high likelihood that she will find discrepancies in the books, and as such, she should handle these with care not to raise too much noise. Working silently through the examination process, it would possible to unearth any possible cartel created among the employees to misapply the organizational funds. She can only reach at the bottom of the matter by maintaining a low profile investigation rather than creating a commotion by accusing different people on the missing cash. b. When conducting such an investigation, it is important to gather enough evidence to give her a good background on the issue. ...
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