Goats: The Green Alternative (A)

Goats: The Green Alternative (A) Case Study example
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Goats: The Green Alternative Name Instructor Date Goats: The Green Alternative The usage of goats as a green alternative was a suggestion by a resort nearby the farm of McCoy. The supervisor of the resort realized that the resort was facing high operational costs due to the inability of machines to cut and maintain the rocky and hilly terrain.


In addition, he will not pay anything for the food of for his goats, aside from other arising expenses to undertake the procedures. On one hand, this is a win-win situation for the McCoy and company goats business because he gets paid for his goats to graze freely on some land and forage owned by the resort. This proposal presents an opportunity to Mr. McCoy to increase his revenue collection from his goat business. As such, when he accepts the proposal from the resort supervisor to use his goats in clearing and maintaining the acres of land within hilly and rocky grounds owned by the resort, he would get some good income. Mr. McCoy estimates this income to sum up to US $ 15 as the acceptable rental fee per goat on a daily basis. This is an additional income considering that the goats will feed well at the rocky and hilly terrain owned by the resort, and thus return home full of milk for the day. In fact, it would be a double per day for Mr. McCoy and his acceptance of the proposal spells future business deals whereby other firms would approach him to rent his goats in order to maintain their fields. ...
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