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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Comparison of Two Companies Mercedes is the leading German automobile manufacturer with its products currently accessing the global market. The company manufactures an assortment of cars ranging from small family vans, luxury cars and heavy trucks.


The company has developed since its inception in 1926 to become one of the leading global manufacturer of automobiles. Currently, the company puts up a spirited competition against other leading brands both from Germany and from other parts of the world such as Volvo, Peugeot, BMW and Audi among others. The company prides itself in the manufacture of quality and prestigious cars often providing guarantee for their products. The car brands manufactured by Mercedes boats increased durability owing to the amount of service the manufactures employ in the production of each piece. As stated earlier, the company has grown rapidly and current has factories in different parts of the world including Egypt, Brazil, Finland, Hungary and Russia among many other countries. The selection of the countries follows the consideration of particular market features thus influencing the selection of a country that is likely to increase the company’s infiltration of the region. By developing a factory in Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa, the company sought to increase its share of the African market. A manufacturing plant in Argentina and Brazil serve the South American market while the headquarter plant in Germany among many others in different parts of Europe would help meet the demand emanating from the market (Bernays 13). Mercedes also known as Daimler Benz has an appropriate liquidity level. ...
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