Personal financial planning report for Ms Lucy Hargreaves

Personal financial planning report for Ms Lucy Hargreaves Essay example
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Personal financial planning report for Ms Lucy Hargreaves Table of Contents 1) Introduction 4 2) Goals & Objectives 4 2.1) Immediate Objectives 4 2.2) Long-term Goals 5 3) Current Scenario Analysis 6 3.1) Total Assets Analysis 7 3.2) Total Liabilities Analysis 7 3.3) Income and Expenditure Analysis 8 4) Personal Risk Management & Insurance 9 5) Retirement Planning 10 6) Investment Analysis 11 7) Inheritance Tax 11 8) Insurance Planning 12 9) Summary and Conclusion 12 References 15 Appendices 20 Table 1 – Statement of Income & taxation 20 Table 2 – Statement of Expenditures 21 Table 3 – Statement of Total Assets 21 Table 4 – Statement of Total Liabilities 22 1) Introduction Subsequent


The report further plans to develop and implement an appropriate action plan so that all objectives are achieved at most optimum utilisation and allocation of scarce resources. Considering the fact that the system is composed of both systematic and unsystematic risks and also that the future is uncertain, it will be logical to make some important assumptions in the report so that the outcomes appear more realistic. The report is sub-divided into separate sections highlighting specific aspects related to financial plan. For your convenience, all calculations are included and confined to the Appendices section of this report to maintain clarity of presentation. The report begins with a summary of your priorities and objectives, followed by an outline of your probable attitude towards risk. ...
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