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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: GST Style – Partnership Business About Us GST Style, a partnership business, was introduced by the three friends namely as Glenn, Stacey and Thomas officially on 1st January 2012. The business deals in retail fashion based products, which mainly includes clothing, apparels, shoes and related products…


The elite class of UK is the target market of that business such that those people who can actually shop at Bullring are mainly catered and accordingly the products are designed especially to cater those customers. On demographical basis, the orthodox age group of teenagers and the early forty people are marked for the products that are being developed. Since the products are targeted to the elite and rich class, therefore a mild focused differentiation is strategy is adopted and mostly those products are offered which are not commonly available in rest of the UK market. The major quantity, designs and styles of the products are imported from the East Asian markets specifically Hong Kong and Thailand. History of Partners Glenn, Stacey and Thomas are not only the business partners who have formed this business but also they have been close friends for more than a decade. ...
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