Business plan for a start-up ( Financial data)

Business plan for a start-up ( Financial data) Literature review example
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Financial plan for a startup business Name Course Date Content Methodology 4 Introduction 3 Methodology 4 Uses of data 5 Process of analysis 7 Sources of data 11 Conclusion 11 Appendices 13 References 15 Financial plan for a startup business Introduction A business plan is a written down description showing the future of a business.


With god business plan, the future of the business is certain and all future occurrences will be met with certainty. For a stat-up business, plan is used by business to determine its future survival and viability. Businesses cannot run effectively without a plan. Most plan make assumptions about the future. Any assumption made should be made with great caution as failure for the assumption to hold, the whole plan might be jeopardized. A successful business plan should be prepared based on past experiences fact and empirical data. It requires lo of expertise to prepare a concrete plan for a start-up business that has no past records experience. This paper will focus on the financial side of a business plan by reviewing overall financial records for all industries that are components of a plan. The financial plan of a start-up business will be based on the size of the proposed business. This means that it will rely mainly on assumptions. Analysis will be done o the future cash flows, incomes and expenses, balance sheet, capital, profitability and financial ratio analysis. The major assumption that will be used in the plan will be: The prevailing market and economic conditions prevail. Methodology The plan will be prepared based on projection of financial statements. ...
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