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Running head: auditing (Student Name) (Instructor’s Name) (Course Name) 7th December 2013 Introduction As companies engage in local and international operations, management have emulated various strategies in order to maximize the use of their financial resources to cater for the expansion of their firms.


The auditor is responsible for collecting and evaluating the evidence in order to make an opinion on the financial position of a company. In the contemporary business world, various changes have been experienced as auditors embark on addressing the challenges that face them as professionals. Quality auditing by independent auditors is a vital aspect in that it ensures that capital markets are effectively working while at the same time public and investor’s interests are protected. This paper seeks to examine the changes in the auditing environment and the resulting challenges. Additionally, the paper will discuss key lessons that auditors can draw in order to capitalize on emerging opportunities. During the annual conference for American Accounting Association (AAA), the issue of auditing skepticism was noted as one of the key challenges that are faced in the field of auditing. According to the PCAOB, every audit who is focused at coming up with a fair view of the clients financial position must emulate professional skepticism throughout their audit process. This implies that firstly, the auditor should portray a general duty of care during their duties. Secondly, professional skepticism entails having a questioning mind on the appropriateness of the audit evidence (James, 2013). ...
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