Research Methods & Methodologies in Accounting and Management

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Accounting Business Ethics: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Name: Course: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date: Title How ethically justifiable is tax evasion: A research into legitimacy and the legality of tax avoidance. Summary Businesses derive their legitimacy from the community they operate in.


Multinational companies are the main culprits of this ‘excessive’ tax avoidance. While they may be still operating within the legal framework, it is tricky to determine whether they it is ethical to do so. This study tries to establish the justification of tax avoidance and ways in which a tax avoidance window can be offered yet still be secure from misuse by unscrupulous business persons. Research Question How do the differences in international taxation interact with practical domestic concerns of tax policy and Regulation? Background/ Literature Review Taxation provides a unique opportunity for businesses to show their corporate social responsibility policies because it its compliance or avoidance indicates the extent of social accountability the business has to the community (Foster, 2013). In the recent past, however, there have arisen many cases of companies, especially multinational corporations, failing to pay their due share of corporate tax. No business wants to pay more taxes that they should; the managers are always striving to minimize their tax liability by utilizing all the necessary venues as provided by the tax legislation. This is known as tax avoidance, and is legal (Prem and Hampton, 2005). ...
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