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Research Methods & Methodologies in Accounting and Management - Essay Example


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Research Methods & Methodologies in Accounting and Management

Multinational companies are the main culprits of this ‘excessive’ tax avoidance. While they may be still operating within the legal framework, it is tricky to determine whether they it is ethical to do so. This study tries to establish the justification of tax avoidance and ways in which a tax avoidance window can be offered yet still be secure from misuse by unscrupulous business persons. Research Question How do the differences in international taxation interact with practical domestic concerns of tax policy and Regulation? Background/ Literature Review Taxation provides a unique opportunity for businesses to show their corporate social responsibility policies because it its compliance or avoidance indicates the extent of social accountability the business has to the community (Foster, 2013). In the recent past, however, there have arisen many cases of companies, especially multinational corporations, failing to pay their due share of corporate tax. No business wants to pay more taxes that they should; the managers are always striving to minimize their tax liability by utilizing all the necessary venues as provided by the tax legislation. This is known as tax avoidance, and is legal (Prem and Hampton, 2005). It is very different from tax evasion, which simply refers to willful practice of not fully disclosing the taxable profit and in effect, reducing the tax liability payable to the authority. Tax evasion is always, or almost always, illegal and unethical (Fagbemi, Uadiale and Noah,

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Research Methods and Methodologies in Accounting and Management
Furthermore, they also believe that those measureable properties and the instruments used by the researcher are independent of the researcher that implies that there is no subjectivity (Phillimore & Goodson, pp. 209-211, 2004; Creswell, pp. 235-236, 2009).
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This has been making the restaurants struggle for their profitability and for their survival. The industry has become more competitive and they need to evolve methods that will help them become more profitable. This research was undertaken to identify whether any of the new media for advertising that has been identified will help the restaurants to reap a better result.
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A fusing connection among the variety of visions is involve in captivating a strategic direction, explanation and study of management accounting information, and rival's performances proposes the basic extent in favour of contrast. Management accountants are perfectly trained and they have this ability potential and expertise to contribute along with the strategies and with the evaluating process to over those decision-making problems that they have in the market.
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A fusing connection among the variety of visions is involve in captivating a strategic direction, explanation and study of management accounting
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209-211, 2004; Creswell, pp. 235-236, 2009). August Comte was the philosopher, which coined the term positivism and linked it with empiricism, which believes that authentic knowledge can only
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Research Methods & Methodologies in Accounting and Management
igate the factors driving students to attain higher education abroad, there was limited research with a focus made on the Chinese students deciding to study in the UK. In order to carry out this study it was decided to use quantitative method for research. Use of questionnaires
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2010). But tax avoidance is perfectly legal; the only question is whether it is ethical or not. Multinational corporations are the most susceptible to tax avoidance; the following are some cases. In the year ending September 30th 2012, the Starbucks UK unit recorded a loss in its operations consequently failing to pay the corporate income tax for the third year in a row despite making sales of over 3 billion UK pounds (Bergin, 2012). According to Her Majesty Revenue and Customs authority, Starbucks had failed to declare any profits during its entire period in operation in the UK managing to pay only 8.6 million UK pounds in 14 years (Bergin, 2013). Apple Inc., another giant business, made over US $74 billion between 2008 and 2012 through its Ireland subsidiary Apple Sales International but managed to pay only US $ 10 million as corporate tax. Amazon, Facebook and Google are the other multinational companies that have found themselves under scrutiny for ‘excessive’ tax avoidance which some have labeled as unethical (Bentley, 2013). Most of these companies are faulted for being shrewd and employing tax advisors who manage to take tax liability to the minimum by exploring the ‘loopholes’ in the legal provisions. Prem and Hampton (2005) noted these practices may include charging overseas subsidiaries royalty fees, setting up subsidiaries in tax havens, transfer pricing and fully financing subsidiaries through debt so that they pay the parent company interest which is tax-free thereby reducing their tax liability. The question is whether these multinational companies are ethically correct to explore these legal means and in the process avoid paying taxes at all. Should they embrace accountability, transparency and consistency at the expense of profit making? Is avoiding paying the right share of tax neglecting their social responsibility to the community? This study seeks to establish the same. Aims i) To investigate the


Accounting Business Ethics: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Name: Course: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date: Title How ethically justifiable is tax evasion: A research into legitimacy and the legality of tax avoidance. Summary Businesses derive their legitimacy from the community they operate in…
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Research Methods & Methodologies in Accounting and Management essay example
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