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S-S TECHNOLOGIES INC. CASE STUDY ANALYSIS Group letter Your section Names of Group Members For an organization to meet its goals and objectives, its employees play a big role. The management, whenever laying down the organizational strategies, keeping in mind that the efforts of the employees would contribute to the achievement of these goals is important.


Among these are the organizational control mechanisms that indirectly contribute to individual employee performance. 1. Ouchi sought to develop a framework that would help in controlling employees in the organization in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives. In his regard, Ouchi found out that the biggest problem that organizations currently face is the failure of achieving cooperation among a collection of individual employees or different units that share only partially congruent objectives. He thus drew the mechanism that organizations could use to achieve this cooperation. Three of the most important techniques he proposed to for managers include, market control, bureaucratic control and culture or clan control (Ouchi 1979 p. 834-847). S-S Technologies faces a problem of employee control. While the firm is at a fast development stage, the management has little control lover its employees. Ojala by briefly leaving the firm to work for a bigger firm was an indication of the weakness existing in the control of the organisation employees. Moreover, there was no particular command of duties. Due to the poor separation of duties and definition of powers, conflict among employees was a major occurrence in the organization. ...
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