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Comparative analysis of J.C. Penny Company and Macy’s Inc Items in financial statements and their trend in changes are some of the bases for understanding differences in financial performance across organizations. The following table compares net incomes of J.C.


Net income for J.C. Penny Company has been decreasing over the past three financial years and the decrease identifies losses in the company’s last two financial years. The trend is further consistent and suggests that the company is likely to suffer worse degree of losses in its future financial years. Macy’s Inc. however offers good indicators in its net income. The income has been increasing in the past three financial years and the consistent trend suggests that the net income is likely to increase in future financial years. Macy’s Inc. was therefore better in profitability because it was profitable while J.C. Penny Company suffered losses. Profitability in Macy’s Inc. was also better because it improved from the previous financial period while that of J.C. Penny Company decreased from the previous financial period. The same trend is observed in the companies’ comprehensive incomes (Georgia State University, n.d.). The following table compares the companies’ current and total arrest for the years ending 2011, and 2012. Table 2: Comparison of current assets Company 2011 2012 J.C. Penny Company 5081 3683 Macy’s Inc 8777 7876 The following is the graph of the companies’ current assets for the the years ended 2011 and 2012. ...
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