A critical study of credit risk management in the First Bank of Nigeria PLC

A critical study of credit risk management in the First Bank of Nigeria PLC Dissertation example
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Credit policy in first bank of Nigeria Credit risk management in First Bank of Nigeria verifies and manages all credit process beginning with origination to the collection of payments and other obligations


In designing the credit policies, due considerations are given to the commitment of the bank which involves: Creating, monitoring and managing credit risk in a way that complies with all the applicable laws and bank regulations (Basel III: A global regulatory framework for more resilient banks and banking systems, 2010) Identifying the credit risk in every investment, loan or in other activities of the Bank (Risk management disclosure, 2011). Utilizing appropriate, accurate as well as timely tools to measure the credit risk in every department (Risk management disclosure, 2011). Adopting a risk-based approach in determining the appropriate pricing strategy while lending products and service offerings (Risk management disclosure, 2010). Setting an acceptable risk parameter. Maintaining an acceptable level of credit risk for the existing individual credit exposures. Maintaining acceptable levels in the overall credit risks for the portfolio of the bank. Coordinating the credit risk management and other risks that are inherent within the Bank’s business activities. Setting remedial and recovery measures and actions (Risk management disclosure, 2012). To effectively handle its credit policies and practices in the first bank of Nigeria, five departments have been formed that control and manage credit processing functions. ...
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