This is a n Accounting principle subject. The assessment and case study will be send by file .pdf.

This is a n Accounting principle subject. The assessment and case study will be send by file .pdf. Case Study example
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Ethics case study Name: Course: Professor’s Name: Date: Ethics case study Q1. Integrity A professional accountant should be frank and honest in his or her professional and business relationships and dealings. In the case, facing the managing direct head-on and being frank within him about the reasons for hesitating to counter-sign the check would amount to integrity.


Professional Competence and Due Care A professional accountant is expected to demonstrate diligence when executing his duties and should abide by professional standards when executing his professional duties. Considering whether it is within the mandate of the accountant to counter-sign checks and ensuring that the hotel receives professional services in line with the underlying regulations of the accounting profession would translate to the observation of professional competence and due care. Confidentiality A professional accountant must observe confidentiality of information under his care and should not in any way disclose such information to unauthorized third party. Not disclosing the findings about the whole scenario to any third party and not taking advantage of the findings for personal gain would amount to maintaining the principle of confidentiality. Professional Behavior A professional accountant should act within applicable laws and regulations and shun any act that likely to discredit professionalism. Ensuring that services remain within the law and avoiding any action that would put the profession into questions amount to professional behavior. Q2. a. ...
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