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The Impact of the Crisis Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Background of the crisis 3 Situation during the crisis 5 Effect of the debt crisis on the Financial Markets of Euro zone countries 6 Conclusion 7 References 9 Introduction The sovereign debt crisis took its worst form in the May 2010 and had it effect on the entire Europe.


It has been found out that the cause that resulted in such a drastic financial condition was the excessive borrowing that the countries belonging to the Euro zone had undertaken. Adding on to this problem there was lack of competitiveness in specific countries of this zone which resulted in the imbalances in the trade of these countries and also an increase in the current account deficit. This led to a weakening of the financial condition of the banks and they had problems in getting any further funding. Hence the credit and cash crisis in the country set in. While in Greece the problem surrounded every aspect of the economy in the countries like Spain and Ireland the problem was solely linked with the crisis that took place in the banking sector due to the unavailability of credit. This essay would look into the various aspects of the financial crisis that have taken place in the European Union and the effects of such liquidity crisis on the financial markets of these countries. The crisis in the Euro zone had far reaching effects on the entire world. Background of the crisis Most of the economic systems of the world are interconnected and therefore any adverse situation in one country would have its effect on the other countries as well. ...
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