Nuclear Power: Risk perceptions and Reality

Nuclear Power: Risk perceptions and Reality Essay example
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Nuclear Power: Risk perceptions and Reality Student Name Instructors Name Course University Date of Submission Introduction: There are certain issues pertaining to the modern society and the way of life which rise up heated debates on both sides of the argument.


Though, as with any topic the level of information and insight the average person has on these often differs from that of the experts and can consequently lead to a difference in opinions. The concerns about these issues mainly focus on the adverse or negative effects of them and what should be done to either completely curtail or control the factors which lead to them. The public risk perception and assessment of the issues visibly colors these concerns- sometimes distorting the actual facts which are present and relying on the phenomena of self-serving bias to firmly entrench the arguments. One such issue which always comes up when rationally discussing the perceived risk versus the actual risk factors is that of Nuclear Energy. Once touted as the ultimate solution to mankind’s energy crisis, today the use of nuclear energy is viewed with extreme caution and mistrust. Ongoing studies and certain disasters with nuclear energy facilities indicated to the population that nuclear energy was not without its risks and it would be prudent to do further research in the safety and viability of using nuclear reactions to provide energy to our cities before world-wide implementation of the process. Nuclear Energy was introduced as a cleaner and cheaper alternative to fossil fuels. ...
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