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British Airways Name Course Name Instructor Date Definition of Corporate Global Citizenship The concept of organizations developing to global citizenship has been developed in the recent past to ensure that organizations have an input on the societies they are in.


Therefore, according to the World Economic Forum, corporate global citizenship refers to the adoption of real and lasting contributions by a corporate body to societies apart from making profits for the shareholders. The organization should be able to take care of the stakeholders at all levels, these includes the customers, the suppliers, the community in which they operate, aid organizations and governments (World Economic Forum, 2008). It is becoming clear that the act of corporate global citizenship is becoming a corporate norm. The organizations have been under intense pressure to comply with the community expectations ad at the same time remain profitable, the pressure may not be direct but it is evident. This concept has in the recent years shifted from the acts of philanthropy, public relations or legal compliance to become more of a corporate strategy with an aim of creating a corporate name for the organization driven by values (Nelson, 2005). It is therefore necessary for companies to adhere to these provisions in order to maintain not only a corporate image but also a social image that demonstrates to the world that the organization has an input. A company that is a good global citizen should be capable of participating in community development as well as supporting the government through developments (Nelson, 2005).. ...
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