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Company Analyses Executive summary The study has been prepared in order to understand the present business situation of Rita’s business and Charlie’s business. Both the businesses financial data was presented in the income statement. The study focussed on preparation of cash flows for both the businesses followed by the analysing their monthly operating cash flow patterns.


It would help in analysing the strengths as well as weaknesses associated with the promotional plans. Finally the study would be concluding with an insight into how the promotional plans can be made much more effective in order to achieve success in the target market. Table of Contents Executive summary 2 Question 1 4 Question 2 7 Question 3 9 Question 4 10 Reference List 11 Appendices 12 Question 1 This portion of the project would be reflecting the present financial performance of Rita’s and Charlie’s business by means of their financial ratio analysis and cash flows. The cash flow statement of Rita’s business has been computed by taking into account the profit and loss statement. It has been shown in appendix 1. The performance is impressive as almost in the entire year, the cash in hand figure has been positive which implies that the expenses have been controlled in a proper manner in order to increase the revenue gradually (Barker, 2011; Gildersleeve, 1999). The cash flow statement of Charlie has been shown below in Appendix 2. It has been computed based on the profit and loss statement of the business. ...
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