How do UK companies' Mechanisms Affect and Help their Corporate Governance

How do UK companies
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  How do UK companies' Mechanisms Affect and Help their Corporate Governance Acknowledgement This research observed the collective contribution of a number of people. These people not only provided their valuable time but also facilitated me with their guidance wherever I became unable to comprehend any part of the dissertation.


Throughout the entire period in fulfilling the objectives of this dissertation, I was greatly blessed with his extensive guidance and supervision over my work. I cannot complete this part without saying ‘thank you, sir’. Subsequent to that, my colleagues and friends who also played their part have extended their hand for my project; the successful culmination of this dissertation has also observed the role of my friends. For such contribution, I am also indebted to them. Abstract The purpose of this paper was to understand and highlight corporate governance mechanisms pursued by the different organizations. For this purpose, the annual reports were used to extract the relevant information. Subsequently, the empirical analysis was carried out the understand interplay between the financial performance and the corporate governance mechanisms. The results indicate that the strongly established corporate governance mechanisms considerably improve the financial performance. The results indicate that the companies having strong corporate governance mechanisms were experiencing strong financial performance. However, more focus should be given to cooperation and coordination between executive and non-executive directors. ...
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