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Research Portfolio Name: Institution: Research Portfolio Question 1 Overview The main duty of the foreign exchange market is to open the door for global regulations associated with global trade: people who export want to be paid in foreign currency since they want money to pay their workers or suppliers (Imbs et al., 2005).


This signifies that for a similar product or service, if a firm contracts with the vendor for a specific volume because of rate fluctuations, then they will be paying extra. The customs duty structure is openly related to such rates that will have more impact (Taylor, 2004). Cash loss also enhances thereby damaging the working capital needs. In essence, this openly plunges the productivity of a business. Research Questions/Topics Some of the research questions that this paper seeks to answer include the causes, as well as effects of the global financial crisis (Evans & Lyons, 2003). Such a topic is extremely important as the global financial crisis are considered to have been brought about by miscalculations in the foreign exchange market. Another research topic is the assessment of changing patterns of global comparative advantage along with its policy implications. The third question includes how major world exporters and importers are dealing with the issues affecting foreign exchange market. It would be interesting to know how major economies in the world are trying to deal with these issues affecting foreign exchange (Evans & Lyons, 2003). Fourthly, another question includes factors leading to the exchange rate volatility in major world economies. ...
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