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"The effect of the Land Mortgage Loan Policy on the Efficiency of Chinese Farmers during 2003-2010" - Dissertation Example

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Effect of the Land Mortgage Loan Policy on the Efficiency of Chinese Farmers during 2003 -2010 By [Name of student] [Presented to] [Name of institution] [Date] CHAPTER-1: INTRODUCTION 1.1: Introduction The mordernisation endeavor by different nations aided by the rapid growth of technologies and infrastructures has been on a high since the arrival of the 21st century…

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"The effect of the Land Mortgage Loan Policy on the Efficiency of Chinese Farmers during 2003-2010"

Setting up of schools, hospitals, emergency services like fire and other within short interval of places so as to provide the amenities to a larger number of people. One of the basic requirements for beginning mordernisation is industrialization. Industrialization triggers the process of mordernisation. With the setting up of industries for the commercial interests of the company, the factory units and the ancillary units would be constructed. Other important public amenity units like schools, houses, hospitals and shops would be built along with connecting roads and developed transport systems. Such building up of infrastructure fastens up the procedure of mordernisation. With globalisation, spread of the multinational companies all over the world, individuals are moving to different corners of the world for varied purposes like working, studying, treatment, settling down in better places and many more. As a result individuals now are more global citizens with presence in different countries. The People’s Republic of China is one of the most popular and highest ranking nation in the world. ...
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